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Mendy’s will NOT BE at the Reading Show! Also, NEWSLETTER NEWS!

Sorry folks, but due to a bad shoulder, Mendy’s will be unable to be at the Reading, PA Show (Sep 26-28). The doctor put me on the DL for now, but I expect to be back and ready for the Chantilly show in late October! (Oct 31-Nov 2).

Also, we will be restarting our famous Mendy’s Newsletters once again! Please see our signup information on the website. Thanks for everyone’s support during this time!

Tony Mendiola


Mendy’s Baseball Memorabilia Blog is on the Air!

Well, on the Web at least! A lot of our customers suggested that we blog to let everyone know what we are telling folks about their baseball memorabilia, what shows are doing these days, and what is happening in the world of baseball memorabilia. So away we go! Stay tuned!