Who’s got the most LCS wins?

The Mets and Royals have made it to the World Series. Both teams have played so hard to get here and yet, in a few years, barring some crazy memorable moment, we won’t remember who lost the World Series. Pop quiz time: can you remember who the Rays beat in 2008?

2008 Tampa Bay Rays

Just kidding! The Rays lost the 2008 World Series to the Phillies. Thus proving my point, that losing the World Series tends to make you a hazy footnote in baseball history. But those teams were good! They came in second that season! And a week or so prior to the World Series, they won their league’s LCS.

So this one’s for you: teams that won the LCS. (The first two aren’t exactly a surprise, but a few might.) Which franchises have won the most?

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